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This review goes for all the seasons of #natsumeyuujinchou :)

This #anime is really warm and even it is clearly a supernatural one, the feelings are more realistic. It will make you understand and respect the beginnings of people and things around you. This anime is really beautiful and truly catching that you might not want to stop watching until the last episode. However, I recommend this to #otaku people than newbies and occasional watchers because it might get a little too deep and dragging for starters. It requires a deeper appreciation due to the lack of clichΓ©-ish plot. Oh, one of the strong points of this one is its music. I’ll give it #fourstarsandahalf ✨ #zokunatsumeyuujinchou #natsumeyuujinchousan #natsumeyuujinchoushi

Not all people will understand you, not everyone will be pleased. Even people that matter will get disappointed and some will force their way out of your life.

There will come a time that someone you care for can throw you away so easily that it will shock you to the bones. They will have their reasons and you may think, ‘how unfair’.

But you know, no matter how shallow or deep their reasons are, you should not judge them for their choice. After all, the value of things differ from person to person. It will never be about your feelings alone. Even if you think it’s so unfair, there’s no helping it. Things just happen and it’s out of your hands. If you’re on the losing side, it can mess you up, big time.

It will hurt you, of course. However, in cases like these, more often than not, this hurt is a good hurt, it can be a good wake up call. It’s not so bad.

If they leave, let them go. It just means they weren’t meant to stay with you in the first place. It’s only a matter of time and you will know who really loves you, all your goodness and your flaws.

People will come and go as they please. There’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you do the best that you can, you can never be good enough. You will always make mistakes and you will have shortcomings.

Parting with people who can’t deal with you when you failed to meet their standards can be healthy too. So if you really care for them, even if it hurts, just let them be.

You can only show how you love them by wishing them the best…as they go farther away from you. That’s how you can show them your gratitude for coming to your life.

Getting hurt and learning from it will teach you more than you think it will. Hating them is dumb and lame. Let them know that you know better. Let love heal you and make you stronger. πŸ™ #lesson #realizations #thoughtoftheday

My sweet friend @iryla87, thank you for our dinner date! Really enjoyed it! Sorry we didn’t have a photo together, cuz you know, I’d rather spend more time talking to you. Hahaha! Missed you big time and always remember that even we don’t meet as often as good friends do, I’ll always stay the same. I’m always here for you. Love you and you know what to do! Hehehe πŸ‘­πŸ‘’ #sisters #friendship #goodtimes (at Racks Robinson’s Place Manila)

I’ll see you around again! Love you! Ate @myx_villa07 😘✨ (at Karate Kid)

Thanks for coming to see me! πŸ‘­ Ate @myx_villa07 😘 Our time was really short but I enjoyed it very much! It was fun to walk around, dine and chat with you even the meeting place wasn’t enticing enough. Hahaha! Love you and thanks for the brownies! #sisters #friends #browniesunlimited (at Brownies Unlimited)