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Thank you, Canada. #pizza #cake

Slow down, lie down. #paolonutini #thesestreets #lastrequest #music

My thoughts on #striketheblood:

It has a fresh take on the ‘well-loved’ vampire plot and the main character was surprisingly NOT annoying. It’s fun to watch but the #anime is sometimes confusing and even though there isn’t much logic left with the supernatural, I just don’t understand why Himeragi had to say the infamous ‘no senpai, it’s our fight’ line every freaking time. This nigga just keeps on killing my vibe. Lol
Anyway, it’s not bad and I am awfully curious if Moegi was really Koujo’s daughter. #threeandahalfstars

My thoughts on #loghorizon:
It was great! Focused on adventure and teamwork. Couldn’t compare it with SAO and it would be a shame to try. Each had its own beauty. So uhh, yeah, this one’s a must watch! I love it and I can’t wait for season 2! #anime

Twisted. #cat #neko