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Have a great day! ⭐️#happy

My thoughts on #NoGameNoLife:

This #anime is unique. I’ve yet to encounter something like this in my #otaku life. Animes with game-based storyline always go for ‘fighting to get out of the game’ plot. But this one, they ain’t got a plan to go back to their world. Pretty bold isn’t it? I highly recommend this one to #gamers since they can understand more about the nature of the characters. For newbies and regulars, I still would say give it a go. I’ll give it #fourstarsandahalf ✨

Repost: My kind of six pack. 🍔 Hehe. #burger #cheeseburger

Rainy and cloudy summer here in #Japan but I heard Manila has it pouring. Keep safe and warm, all.

My thoughts on #BlackBullet:

This #anime somewhat reminds me of #gokukokunobrynhildr and #elfenlied where female characters are ‘cursed’ to never have a normal ‘human’ life. Fortunately, this one is less #gore than the others I mentioned and it doesn’t have much of a dystopia for its background. Well, you’ll know what I mean when you watch it. It’s entertaining enough but there’s nothing really big about it. I’ll give it a #threeandahalfstars ✨